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Watchfire Digital Message Centers

Digital Displays make dynamic signage easy and cost-effective! We would love to answer any questions you may have about which type of display is right for your business.

Channel Letters / Cabinets

Separate letters (or numbers), each of which is a self-contained sign with its own internal illumination. Usually mounted flat on a wall.

A sign consisting of a cabinet containing a light source surrounded by one or more translucent faces which may be illuminated for visibility.

Pylon / Monument

Pylon signs take high impact to a new level! Creating a new pylon sign can be a daunting project, but we will help you at every step along the way. From navigating zoning laws and permits to deciding what materials and technology best suit your needs, our team will make sure your new pylon sign is a solution for the long term.

A monument sign is a perfect fit for banks, churches, healthcare facilities, schools, and subdivisions. They are all custom made to fit your needs and site, and can even be illuminated. We offer custom construction to create a unique look that sets your location apart!

Site / Real Estate

Generate buzz for your latest development! Site signs effectively detail your new project. Our company has years of quality design experience in construction signage.

No professional in real estate can succeed without a sign advertising their property. These signs can mean the difference between generating a lead and losing a sale. Different materials are available depending on whether your sign is temporary or semi-permanent.

Vehicle / Fleet Graphics

If you drive it, we can letter it! Vehicle graphics will transform your wheels into a moving billboard—a must-have for busy professionals who spend hours on the road. Let us customize your vehicle with anything from simple die-cut lettering to a full wrap design.

Interior / Window Lettering

There are many uses for window graphics. When the time comes, removing window graphics is a snap and you don't have to worry about damage to the surface.


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Banners / Plastic / Decals

Flexible, weather-resistant signage that is easy to ship and store. Banner production allows for nearly any size, color, or graphic requirement.

Decals and labels are a necessary part of any work area. We provide all types, including those for vehicles and machinery. Choose from a library of standard labels or have your own custom-designed.


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